Student Dress Code Policy

Student Dress Code Policy
Posted on 07/11/2014
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2016 - 2017

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This dress code is an integral part of Brewbaker Middle's 2015-2016 Curriculum Improvement Plan (CIP).
Established by students, parents, teachers, and administrators who are members of the CIP team, this dress code policy seeks to promote school safety, improve classroom management and discipline, and build a supportive learning environment for all Brewbaker Middle School’s students.


F Plain collared shirt (polo style)
F Short or long sleeves with NO brand logos (Brewbaker Middle monogram optional)
F Shirts must be tucked into pants or skirts, with NO cleavage visible.

Students must wear appropriate color grade-level shirt as indicated below:

Baby Blue Shirts

F 6th graders - Baby Blue shirts



Gold Shirts

F 7th graders -Gold shirts




Navy Shirts

F8th graders -Navy shirts




Brewbaker Middle logos may also be purchased from the following vendors in Montgomery:

Buckhead Uniforms, 3520 Eastdale Circle 334-274-9165
Serendipity Uniforms, 5081 Virginia Loop 334-288-4555
Southern School Uniforms,1721 Eastern Blvd 334-215-0000
Southern Thread works, 5979 Monticello Drive 334-213-7359


F Khaki slacks, skirts, dresses, jumpersor shorts (no denim)

F Navy Blue(girls only) slacks, skirts, dresses, jumpers or shorts (no denim)

F Skirts, dresses and jumpers must be no higher than knee length from the crease in the back of the knee.
F Slits must meet knee length regulation.



F Only plain white crew neck t-shirts may be worn under shirt.
F No undergarments should be visible through shirt.


F Students must have on a solid color belt.
F Belts must be worn and fitted properly (no part of belt is to hang below waist)
F Standard buckles only (no over-sized buckles)
F No sparkling or diamond belts or buckles
F No studded belts

Shoes and Socks

F Shoes must cover feet
F NO open toe shoes are permitted.
F Socks are optional. If worn, socks must be black, white or brown.
F NO bedroom slippers, stilettos, flip flops, sandals or slides will be allowed (Crocs, potato shoes, Birken stocks and similar slides are not allowed)
F NO boots or any shoe that looks like a boot

Additional Information

(taken from MPS Dress Code Policy)

F Students are to wear clothing that fits properly. Pants must be worn at the waist (no sagging).
F lothing must be clean with no open holes. No shredded or cutoff clothing will be allowed.
F MPS and BMS Student Dress Code Policies apply to ALL students.

Dress Code Policy


F State educational authorities and recent court decisions have determined that style of dress and hair should not disrupt classes, interfere with learning, prevent instruction, and should comply with state health and safety standards. Montgomery Public Schools believes that requiring neat, clean, and appropriate clothing encourages an atmosphere conducive to learning, work, and discipline. Students are required to dress according to school board policy.

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